Posted on: February 7, 2010 10:55 pm

Calling for the Resignation of Mick Cronin

I am officially asking that Mick Cronin either resign or get the boot either during or after this season. I have always been skeptical of the coaching ability of Cronin. I have always said that he is a decent recruiter but should not be a head coach (especially in the Big East). The poor record that Cronin has amassed while coaching at UC is NOT the reason why he should be let go. I understand that the program was Terrible when he took over. However, it is now season 4 with Cronin and UC has 0 post season tournament wins.

There are two main reason why Cronin should be fired:

1. The substitution and personal groupings he uses make absolutely no sense. How is it that when we are down by 4 with five minutes to play, Yancy Gates and Lance are substituted out for Larry Davis and Steve Toyloy. This is not the only example; Cronin has never made substitutions that make sense. In my opinion, this is the reason why the offense is so terrible. Players are playing timid because they are afraid to make a mistake since they will be taken out of the game for an extended amount of time. Furthermore in this category, Cronin does not seem to know when to call a time out. When your player is trapped under the basket with nowhere to go, CALL A TIMEOUT, instead it is a turnover.

2. The players are NOT well prepared for teams and never seem to be focused. I went to the game today, and you could see a difference between the Cincinnati and Syracuse players. The Syracuse players were very organized and focused, while UC seemed to just do whatever they wanted while messing around. Now I understand that some of this could be put on the players, but it is the coaches’ responsibility to make sure the players are focused and ready to play. Furthermore, during a time out of halftime, it seems that Mick is never able to draw up a play that works or adjust the game plan to fix what is not working. Cincinnati will call a full time out and the next play will feature one of two screens that never work, then the offense goes right back to being TERRIBLE.

The University of Cincinnati deserves a coach that will allow them to compete at a high level year after year. Mick Cronin is not ready to coach a team in the Big East.

I hate to say this, but until Mick Cronin is gone UC will never make the Tourney. There is to much talent on this team to not be in the running for at least a sweet sixteen. Cronin is able to get top notch young recruits (5 Stars- Gates & Lance 4 Stars- Cash) but his lack of coaching skills is preventing these players to get progressively better.

This is why I say to Mick: "Do the respectable thing and admit that you are in over your head and resign as the Head Coach of the University of Cincinnati."

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